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I am a software developer striving to be immersed in ongoing technical challenges, contributing to a development project as a member of a team. Agile is my preferred development methodology. As new technology excites me, I look forward to learning and applying it on top of my existing knowledge and past expertise as an engineer and software/web developer.


I have produced results on many projects, ranging from:
  • software engineer on industrial applications, process control, instrumentation – as a project team member — to:
  • full-stack developer on an enterprise software project following Scrum Agile development — to:
  • developer of small-scale websites, taking full charge of entire development life cycle – from requirements specification to production support.

I am...

Analytical. Focused. Very attentive to detail. Very good communicator, written and verbal. Quality-minded. Observe best practices. Quick, eager learner. Passionate about coding and its technology. One who takes pride in a job well done.

How I work

Do it the right way the first time. Clearly understand the project. Outline and fill in the high-level details. Get enough details to code, and start coding. Adhere to best practices. Maximize maintainability.

Collaborate. Assist others. Seek clarification, details, and assistance when needed. Make suggestions when the time is right. Document clearly and concisely as needed. Test; verify; validate; deploy; repeat.

Career Specifics


Front-end Web

CSS3 HTML5 logos
responsive design
site/page layout

Front-end Frameworks

Boostrap logo AngularJS Shield


JavaScript logo

Microsoft .NET

Visual Studio 2013 logo
Visual Studio


PHP logo


Database Storage Cylinder
SQL Server

Data transfer



Windows logo
MS Windows
WAMP Server
UNIX shell

Versioning / Repository

GitHub logo

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office 2013 logo


Team icon
Agile/Scrum — including : sprint planning, code review, pair programming — using : Jira, Slack, SVN versioning, Go deployment — interfacing with : QA, database admin & devs, project mgmt. Also waterfall.

Development Life Cycle

Life cycle
Produced these results: concept, initial draft, design, development, debugging, validation, test, turnover, deployment, production support, documentation (specification, requirements, procedures)

I have produced results for:

Mosaix Software – Web Developer on DCAR project for SAMHSA Westinghouse Electric Co. – Software Engineer on Temelin Project Texas Instruments – Test Engineer on Code Composer Studio Development American Eagle Outfitters – Web Developer contributing to CAC International – Sole Web Developer / Site Admin for a National umbrella organization ( Comp Solutions, LLC – Web Developer and provider of multi-faceted IT services AppCertain – App Analyst Chatham University – Classroom Media Equipment Maintenance Business CyberSecurity – Web Developer for Have Smoke Will Travel – Web Developer / Site Admin for and Capasso Renovations – Sole Web Developer for NJ Richetti – Sole Web Developer for Swiftkick Robinson – Sole Web Developer for

Some recent projects

Responsive website for CAC International

I single-handedly took on the entire development life cycle of the new (interfacing with the CACI team), incorporating Bootstrap, and AngularJS interfacing with PHP via JSON and HTTP. Unlike the previous site, this site renders well on mobile as well as desktop devices.

The development process focused on creating an appealing, easy-to-use website, while factoring in maintainability, load time, and other UI/UX considerations. Messaging capability via email, with error checking and other safeguards, was implemented. Images and other content were optimized for rendering on a range of client configurations.

Action items include:

  • Defined the physical and functional layout.
  • Selected the technology/frameworks – Bootstrap, AngularJS, PHP; learned unfamiliar aspects.
  • Acquired and selected images; prepared them for suitable presentation (header and elsewhere).
  • Coded a draft website (using above frameworks for suitable display on a range of screen sizes, incorporating the images, tables, etc. to appear well for various screen widths), and presented to the organization's officials, soliciting comments.
  • Coded the website such that dynamic content be stored in data files, documents (Word, PDF), and separate HTML files, to optimize maintainability.
  • Created a system for site user to send messages to indivduals in the organization; implemented client- and server-side error checking.
  • Final testing (range of screen sizes) and validation.
  • Solicited final comment before bringing the site live. Strong approval and praise was subsequently voiced.

Source code can be viewed here.

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DCAR Project for SAMHSA at Mosaix Software

I came to Mosaix Software as a contractor to handle front-end issues of the Data Collection and Reporting (DCAR) System for SAMHSA. In addition to successfully improving the front-end, I also resolved issues on the back-end.

Modifying the ASP.NET codebase, specifically the user interface (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), web forms, user controls, sitemap, and C#/VB.NET, was accomplished on the .NET 3.5 platform using Visual Studio 2013. I also modified SQL Server data by composing T-SQL scripts, and modifying stored procedures, in SQL Server Management Studio. This was done after gaining a thorough understanding of the problem and the system (by analyzing and digging through source code and system information – including entity-relationship diagrams). Through this, I attained superior results with the user interface and business logic.

Following the Scrum Agile development process with the project team (sprint meetings, task assignments, etc.), I resolved a number of project issues, utilizing the JIRA ticketing process. Good team member interaction enabled quick resolution of many issues; this included code reviews and pair programming.

I performed commits of my code changes, and checked differences, using SVN/Tortoise versioning tool. I accessed the Go deployment tool to verify successful build.

The DCAR system consists of a number of applications that support the management and administration of data for government-subsidized research in the field of health and human services facilitated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). I contributed to the portal for DCAR (PMRTS), and the Management Reporting Tool (MRT), a grant management application.

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Amassing a CMS with Google services and scripting

The not-for-profit organization CAC of Pittsburgh has multiple needs for features typically found in a content management system (CMS) or elsewhere. I fulfilled those needs by creating a CMS that requires minimal web knowledge to maintain (in most cases), integrating an array of Google services (Sites, Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Groups, etc.). Minimal to no hosting expense is also fulfilled.

Implemented functionality includes: multi-feature website (including photo gallery, and separate board of directors sub-website), membership management database with views and reports, paper applications, mailing labels, mass-email system, email discussion group, and online payment.

In addition to creating the website layout, I composed the written page content, customizing with code and apps for suitable responsive display. Database tables, queries, and views were implemented. Some features were implemented and customized by coding scripts (Google Apps Script, JavaScript), operating on various Google services, and configuring third-party apps.

The effort was implemented over time, with much discussion from various individuals of the organization. I composed thorough instructional documentation, enabling performance of the many functions by others, with relative ease.

Samples of code can be viewed here.

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Website Development for small business

For several small business websites, I have taken on all aspects of the development life cycle. Development included using the technology that was most suitable for the application at the time. This included adopting the current web standards and rendering satisfactorily on browser platforms in use. All websites were manually coded – most were coded using PHP in addition to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In some cases, I provided production support.

My standard practice has been to:

  • Communicate effectively with the client and understand their needs; obtain clarification and additional materials as necessary. Observe coding, user interface, and user experience best practices.
  • Ask, "What would their customers like to see?" and create the layout and content accordingly, keeping in mind that content is first and foremost.
  • Optimize for acceptable client-side loading times.
  • Ensure, for turnover, a quality finished product (conformance to requirements, W3C validation, spell check, render on various browsers, etc.).
  • Honor my commitment by correcting any errors before, during, and after delivering the end product.
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BS - Electrical Engineering
University of Pittsburgh

graduate cap

BS - Computer Science
Point Park College

(GPA = 4.0)

Recent training

I'm constantly looking to upgrade my skills and learn the latest technology that gets the job done better and more easily. Here are some of the recent subjects that I've studied and became proficient in (and where I've learned them – in both formal and informal capacities):

  • AngularJS (Udemy)
  • Bootstrap (self-directed multiple resources)
  • HTML5 / CSS3 / Responsive Design (Ed2Go courses)
  • JavaScript, advanced / DOM / AJAX / jQuery (Ed2Go courses, self-directed multiple resources)
  • .NET 4.0 / Visual Studio / ASP.NET / C# / OOP (Official Microsoft Learning Products at New Horizons Computer Learning Center)
  • SQL Server (self-directed multiple resources)


Please contact me to obtain a copy of my resume


Attended many events. Always looking to be a part of all things interesting.
Met and worked with many wonderful, interesting people.

Meetup Groups – Participated in many events of groups such as:

TechFest – Acquired some great cutting-edge dev knowledge at TechFest 2017 and 2018.

GiveCamp – At Give Camp Pittsburgh 2014, donated a weekend of technical expertise on a project for a non-profit organization.

CAC of Pittsburgh
  • Web Developer/Administrator and general IT Consultant/Contributor (2001-Present)
  • Board Member (2001-Present)
  • Past Publicity Director (4 years)
  • Past Membership/Database Chair (3 years)
  • Hiking Leader (60+ hikes over 11 years)
CAC International
  • Web Developer/Administrator of a national umbrella organization (2003-Present)
Pittsburgh Young Professionals
  • Membership Support Committee Chair (2004-2005)
  • Webmaster (2003-2004)

Outside Interests

Besides software coding, some of my other passions are:

Bicycling - The road: best way to see the countryside. Those hills are a great workout.

Urban exploration - Check out local curiosities. Find traces of things that aren't there anymore. Surprising what you'll find within a few miles of home.

Volleyball - Play year-round. Excellent team sport.

More Info

LinkedIn profile

Code samples at GitHub

Proficiency Profile – HTML, CSS, JavaScript (IKM Assessment)


Work opportunities and other inquiries are welcome. Please contact me on LinkedIn.